The Best Places To Shop At Merchants Square In Colonial Williamsburg

The Best Places To Shop At Merchants Square In Colonial Williamsburg

If you’re looking for things to do in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, a great place to explore is Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, just outside the boundary of the Colonial Williamsburg area. Merchant’s Square is a wonderful grouping of shops, artisan boutiques, specialty stores, and restaurants. There’s also tables in a courtyard where people can eat and rest from their activities. The courtyard also offers a space for those in your party to sit if they don’t want to continue shopping (insane, but it happens!).

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Here are some of our favorite shops that you won’t want to miss.

Wythe Candy Shop

Wythe Candy Shop - Colonial Williamsburg, VA | Mom, Map, and Miles

First, hands down is the Wythe Candy Shop. This shop has an eclectic array of sweets from old-fashioned candy – when’s the last time you saw candy cigarettes or Pop Rocks? – to imported candy brands. They also have homemade fudge and a full candy counter. My all-time favorite is the sea salt caramels. They are soft, gooey, and have the perfect ratio of chocolate to caramel.

The Cheese Shop

The Cheese Shop - Shop Colonial Williamsburg, VA | Mom, Map, and Miles

Once you get your sugar fix, check out The Cheese Shop right across the alley. The Cheese Shop has a variety of specialty foods and cheeses. However, the real prize is the sandwich bar in the back of the store. If you can make your way through the crowds to the bar, you can order delicious, fresh-made, and reasonably-priced sandwiches. 

Fat Canary

Fat Canary - Williamsburg, VA | Mom, Map, and Miles

Last, for the grown-ups, a stop at the Fat Canary (located below The Cheese Shop). Here you can score an adult beverage to enjoy with your sandwich and a bottle of wine for dinner.

Danforth Pewter Shop

Danforth Pewter Shop - Williamsburg, VA | Mom, Map, and Miles

Ok, so all of my family’s favorite “shops” are actually food related … but don’t judge; we ARE Italian, after all! But we do have another favorite, the Danforth Pewter Shop. They sell many unique items made from pewter and feel very … Colonial Williamsburg.

Have you visited Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square? What are your favorite shops?

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