Our Waco Whirlwind: Silos, Sips, And Unexpected Twists!

Our Waco Whirlwind: Silos, Sips, And Unexpected Twists!

On our Great RV Journey, we spent a week in Waco, Texas, and let me tell you, it was a whirlwind of sweet tea, Silos, and a dash of adrenaline (thanks to Mother Nature). If you’re looking for a charming city filled with unique experiences, mouthwatering food, and brimming with Southern hospitality, put Waco at the top of your list.

Waco’s Rich History

Waco was originally home to the Wichita tribe, who settled along the Brazos River. In 1837, Fort Fisher, the first pioneer settlement, was founded and quickly became a thriving center for cotton production and cattle drives. After the Civil War, Waco pivoted somewhat, becoming a religious and education hub.

Many people know Waco as the location of the Branch Davidian standoff in 1993, a tragedy that rocked the community. However, Waco’s resilient Texan spirit bounced back, and now the city features a thriving arts scene, fun activities, and plenty of Southern charm.

Things To Do

Here’s some of the things we did while we were in Waco that we highly recommend.

Heritage Homestead

Heritage Homestead is an enchanting living history museum designed to showcase the life of pioneers in the 1880s –  and they have a GREAT restaurant! Witness the process of churning butter, learn about blacksmithing, and, like M, you can even carve your own pen and weave your own shawl! We spent two full days at the Homestead and it was both a delightful reminder of the city’s rich history and a very educational and experiential … experience.

Magnolia Silos

No trip to Waco is complete without a visit to Magnolia Silos. Created by design phenomenon Joanna Gaines, we had fun browsing through the curated shops, playing games on the lawn, and enjoying lunch under some iconic light fixtures. Just…beware and set a budget – it can get pricy.

Food Trucks and Fresh Bites

We happened to be in Waco for the Food Truck Showdown, and we took the afternoon to taste several dishes, which ranged from delicious to off-the-charts phenomenal. You may not be in Waco for the Showdown, but it’s definitely worth stopping by a food truck when you see one – they’re affordable and spectacular.

We also made time to visit the weekly Farmers’ Market – groceries are a regular errand in the RV and we love it when we find a local farmers’ market!  At the Waco farmers’ market, we had fun browsing through locally-grown fruits, artisanal cheese, homemade pastries, and some fascinating craftwork. Even if you don’t need to stock a kitchen on wheels, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours.

Waco Pedal Tour

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to take group pedal tour through the historic Waco neighborhoods. Our guide pointed out hidden gems while telling us about some “Fixer Upper” houses. It was a fascinating way to see the city, and  we had a blast learning the local lore, while getting a little more active.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Did you know Waco is home to Dr. Pepper? We stopped by the Dr. Pepper Museum, which tells the story of Dr. Pepper. The museum also features interactive exhibits, vintage memorabilia, and even free samples. Well worth a stop!

Our Unexpected Adventure

While our days were clearly packed with fun and adventure, we also got a little thrill from Mother Nature. One of the days in Waco, we ended up locked in our camper, eyes glued to the TV., watching the weather reports. That day, Waco was placed under a tornado watch. Fortunately, it never came very close to us, but it was a big reminder that we have to stay alert and always have an emergency safety plan! It is a particular challenge to keep track of weather emergencies when we are in unfamiliar cities. We have learned that most campgrounds have their own “emergency weather” communications systems, so it is important to ask. We have weathered tornadoes, hail storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, and some nasty storms in campgrounds – it is important to be weather-aware when travelling!

Waco was a delightful blend of history, delectable eats, quirky fun, and adventure. The city surprised us at every turn. Take the time to visit – you won’t regret it!

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