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Stacy | Mom, Map, and Miles

I’ve been a world traveler for decades. The first trip I remember taking was only up to upstate New York when I lived in New Jersey, but in high school, I had the chance to go to Quebec and I was hooked. My career gave me the opportunity to travel more, and I even lived in France for a couple of years. Plus, every chance I had, I took a vacation somewhere amazing.

I’ve been to Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia for 2 glorious weeks, but about a decade ago, I realized how much of the United States I had yet to see. So, I bought an RV, a little tow-behind, and my daughter and I set out on our first trip – 3 months over the summer break to see if we liked it.

Panama Canal - Mom, Map, and Miles

It turns out, we LOVE RVing. It’s a bit more comfortable for extended travel than suitcases and changing hotels every few nights, and we can go with the flow – if we like a place, we stay longer. If we don’t, it’s easy to move on.

Now, however, my daughter’s a teenager, and I had an 8-month sabbatical from work. Traveling for 8 months in such a small RV with a teenager? Not my dream come true. So we upgraded to a larger one – still a tow-behind – and January of 2023, we hit the road again.

Our RV, Journey | Mom, Map, and Miles

This time, though, we’re documenting it. Join us as we explore all-new places across the country, get tips on how you can start RVing as well, and hear about the mishaps that slow us down (there are plenty!). It’s going to be quite an adventure!